Booster Club

The Armstrong High School Nordic Booster Club is for families and coaches of the AHS Nordic Ski Team program. The role of the AHS Nordic Booster Club is to support the skiers and coaches through volunteerism and fundraising that promotes athleticism, sportsmanship, competitiveness, and school spirit. 

Fundraising efforts and donations are an essential part of the ski program. The AHS Nordic Booster Club invests its monies to provide uniforms, waxing supplies, racing bibs, bus transportation over the winter break, website development and maintenance, additional coaching staff (as needed), and snowmobile maintenance, and other supplies and equipment.


​To keep the program successful for all athletes, we need your financial help. The AHS Nordic Booster Club asks for a minimum donation of $60 per skier or $100 per family (who have two or more skiers in the program).  You can use the Booster Club Donation Form to make a donation. This year, families will be able to buy ski passes for their athletes directly, using a discount code (to be provided), so the Booster Club will NOT be collecting the pass fees and will collect family donations only. Thank you for your support!

General Information

The Armstrong Nordic Booster Club generally meets on the first TUESDAY of each month, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM. This date may change from time to time to accommodate elections, holidays, and other events (see calendar for meeting schedule).

The usual meeting place is the community room at the Lunds & Byerly in Golden Valley (5725 Duluth St., Golden Valley).  

Please check this page or the calendar to confirm the date and location. Booster club meetings are an excellent opportunity to get to know other parents, get updates on the season, and support our athletes.

Board Officers

Current President: Wade Majewski

Vice President: Jessica Hassis

Treasurer: Mark Schulte

Secretary: Tonya Peters

Web Admin: Kari Sweeney

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