Co-Head Coaches:

  • Tom Brandes tombrandes18@gmail.com Cell: (763) 847-6901

  • Adam Himes adam.k.himes@gmail.com Cell: (612) 309-9971

Assistant Coaches

  • Sara Belden saraebelden@gmail.com

  • Nichole Bathe nbathe8@gmail.com

  • Sheridan Rasmussen sheridan_rasmussen@rdale.org

Volunteer Coaches (thank you!!!)

  • Sara Anderson saraoanderson@gmail.com

  • Kristina Sicora kristina.sicora@gmail.com

  • Brian Baker brian@bakermail.net

  • Lora Whitehouse lora.whitehouse@gmail.com

  • Andrea Omodt omodtfamily@msn.com

  • Bill Skerbitz billsker@gmail.com

  • Marin Maxwell maxwe274@umn.edu

2022-2023 Captains

Girls Captains

Cheyenne Oja

Rachel Olson

Boys Captains

Noah Breker

Haakon Hanson

Alex Omodt

Matthew Sweeney

Rules & Expectations

Team Rules

We want to have fun this year but also need to have some ground rules.

  • Respect coaches and other students on team.

  • No complaining or negative attitude!

  • Be a team player (help out others who are learning the sport at practice sessions). Skiing is an individual sport but we get better by pushing each other and encouraging each other at practice.

  • Give 100 percent effort at practice/races - Coaches have no tolerance for those who do not want to work hard. You will only cheat yourself and drag down others with you by slacking! This is a varsity sport not a recreational ski club so you are expected to attend practices, race and give 100% effort.

  • Most important - Have fun, make new friends and gain a passion for Nordic skiing as a life time sport!

Practice Expectations

  • All students are expected to attend all scheduled practices Monday - Saturday. If you have a school related conflict you need to get this cleared ahead of time with coaches and communicate on a weekly basis. Those who are missing too many practice sessions will be asked to leave them team.

  • School related commitments such as All District Orchestra and other activities are excusable.

​Practice Start/End Times

  • High School Practice: Be ready to go in gym foyer for team announcements at 3:30 PM sharp! Practice end time will be around 5:30 PM (some practices will end shorter, others will go longer).

  • PMS Students practice time: Details are still being figured out.

2022-2023 Information Packet

2022/23 Nordic Information Packet